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Coworking is the future

Coffee is great, and I mean that, I love coffee – but I don’t like coffeeshops. They are loud, often serve mediocre fare, and are filled with people who aren’t really working, despite their open laptops and witty t-shirts. Despite my dislike of the environment, I often find myself camped out on a comfy couch […]

Kickstarting your project

I wrote a piece on LinkedIn recently supporting a Kickstarter game launch I was a part of. Titled, “4 reasons why you should support Weather Zen on Kickstarter” the piece got some attention. I laid out 4 points on why this game is worth supporting (summarized below). The purpose of the piece was to draw […]

The Slow Gaming Movement

The slow food movement has been around for several years now. The movement espouses the benefits of restoring the joy of food, family, and friends to long meals. In other words it replaces snacking with savoring. Slow gaming, like slow food, is about how you interact with others, how the game changes your interactions with […]

Good Game Design

(this piece, slightly modified is also available here) Good games: board games, card games, tower defense video games, action/adventure, strategy and puzzle games, and casual games¬† all have one thing in common, the successful and seamless integration of strategy, tactics, and in-game interaction. Strategy when done right is derived from the story of the game […]

Mission Statements: Purity and Problem

Mission statements should strike the balance between what I call a purity definition: What is the product are you specifically trying to make?¬†Your purity definition should be specific enough that your team has an outline of the first deliverable minimum lovable product, and yet open enough that they can innovate on the general concept. and […]